Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Contest

Sharp was the blow
The hammer let go.
Deep were the wounds, and red.
Soft was the sigh,
The Savior’s reply,
“All was for love,” he said.

Black was the day
They did him away.
Light hid her face for shame.
Bright were the trails
That flowed from the nails.
Gladly Love bore the blame.

Cruel the tongues
That mocked as he hung;
Laughing to bruise his soul.
Mercy the word
His enemies heard.
Love prayed to make them whole.

Dead was the King;
A castaway thing,
Broken within the grave.
Strong he arose,
Unbeat by his foes.
Love won the power to save.

Written by Dennis Evans, 1997

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I truly love this poem!
    It is perfect for Easter, well, for all year, really.
    Thank you sharing it.
    You should put your sermons in a book, interspersed with your poems, just saying!