Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Holy Spirit, Storm of Power


Holy Spirit, storm of power,
Tempest with a rain of love;
Rise and surge and sweep our spirits
Till they run with wholesome flood.
Fill us, till our course is flowing 
From your open gates above.

Holy Spirit, sanctuary,
Comforter in times of stress;
You refresh us in the morning.
In the nighttime, you will bless.
Peaceful strength and steady counselor
Lead our hearts in quietness.

Holy Spirit, flame in darkness,
Melting hearts to warm delight;
Kindle us to bear your fire.
Make us torches burning bright,
Shining from the truth that frees us
In the glory of your might.

Holy Spirit, cleansing tempest,
Comforter and fire of faith;
Be the growing life within us.
Strengthen us to run the race;
Bearing fruit to please the Savior
Till we meet him face to face.

Lyrics by Dennis Evans, 1971, 2007
Here's something I wrote when I was 19 and revised a little a few years ago. I wrote it for Pentecost because most of the hymns I knew about the Holy Spirit were about quietness and sweetness, but the Day of Pentecost was all about fire and wind.

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