Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Genesis and Re-Genesis

“Genesis and Re-Genesis”

We dwelt in darkness. There was nothing we
Could feel or grasp: no solid place to stand.
We dwelt long-silent, till a living wind
Blew over us and carried words that sang:
“Let there be light! Let darkness fly away!
The living voice will build a world of day.”

We lay alone without a beating heart
To tell we lived or loved. Our drooping hand
Left Eden’s feast un-tasted, till the breath
That animates all things commanded us:
“Let there be life! Get up, reach out, and know;
You must fulfill the love that made you so.”

We walked and wept where dawn would never come;
A garden where the flower and fruit were death;
Where guards would keep the closing of the doors;
But earth and heaven shook to wake the sun:
“Let all be new. Let freedom without fear
Arise! And I will banish every tear.”

By Dennis Evans, September 2013

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